FMP Proposal: Pecha Kucha

February 2019

A challenging and exciting activity that begins the process of writing a proposal for Final Major Project … looking back and projecting forwards. The Pecha Kucha presents 2 starting points around the relationship between well-being derived from ‘bathing’ in designed/created/natural environments and an idea to work-up for the Ruskin Prize 2019 brief ‘Agent of Change’.

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    It was a stimulating experience to share my Pecha Kucha session with a group of students from different Pathways. It is fascinating to observe the various approaches and methodologies we have, to generate ideas e.g. Fashion, V.C. or F.A.

    Feedback to my Pecha Kucha from KT and WO was that
    * all the ideas presented can hang together as elements of one project facilitating a wider exploratory environment from within which to narrow focus and refine ideas as the project moves forwards.
    *Suggested subjects for research to consider: John Muir, Olafur Eliasson, American Transcendentalism, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Lawrence Lek.

    * Continue visual, literary and conceptual research.
    * Write draft proposal.

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