Writing a proposal. Part 3.

I sat with KT today and talked through ideas and inspirations so far, referencing Pecha Kucha, my research, and reading through a draft version of the Proposal documentation that I worked on over the weekend. Very helpful to focus on what might constitute a more contemporary lens on the sublime and to hone research question language in my draft proposal.

We discussed this work by Olafur Eliasson in relation to the contemporary sublime, in addition to Ai Weiwei’s ‘Tree’ below.


Can I please pitch for The Turbine Hall for my FMP ?

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  1. It is interesting, looking back now at the end of the project, and coming to write a final evaluation, that this would appear to be an early reference to the trouble I was having ENVISAGING where to ‘make my work for’. The space question that bothered me for some time.

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