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  1. Finally X-group crit 18th April. … a long time coming after the hospital traumas of the week before Easter break! Very interesting to listen to Will, Owen and Elsa discussing their work, joined by WO at the beginning and PT towards the end.
    I enjoyed the opportunity to present my ideas and describe the development of my project so far and to hear reactions and responses from the others – nothing ‘new’ in terms of suggestions for further experiments but an appreciation for the ‘problem’ I perceive at present about needing to know where to be planning to install my piece….. it’s sort of similar for Elsa- the potential final results being rather dependent upon the physical location. I have discussed location a lot with KT in tutorials. Several different options have been considered in which the work can be adapted for hanging and standing pieces, enough space for viewers to move among the elements AND where I might be able to control lighting and/or include projected images/patterns. Stairwell areas? Trouble with fire escapes and motion sensors…….. The toilet area (can be darkened)? No, because I do not feel the single point of in/egress fits with the ‘feel’ I want to create – too claustrophobic & I don’t want an actual physical door. The current suggestion is downstairs reception desk area which feels rather ‘chapel’ like and has the first floor window looking into the atrium through which I could project the suggestion of a tree canopy. ……. it’s taking a long time to find out whether I can use it though and I am trying not to get overly anxious about not being able to actually begin to ‘picture’ my work in real space even at this stage. Also discussed forthcoming experimentation with different materials and applying imagery to them evoking tree canopy, underground web of connections, etc … shadows …..
    Also discuss means of support/suspension and the minimalist aesthetic I am trying to achieve…… discussion returning to Cambin AGAIN!
    PT suggests ref. to Berndnaut Smilde, Eva Hesse, Richard Long, James Turrell.

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