A Stroke of Genius

After a hard graft in the allotment on Saturday, time relaxing in the front garden in the evening sun, allowed genius to visit…….. trying to think out where and how to finish printing and building crates in the house (which is just too small!) Chris suggested ‘the factory’. Clever man! So yesterday and today much has been accomplished using the space and long benches in his workplace while he has TLC’d his servers and repaired a broken door window..

The crates have taken shape with positive and negative space formers /transit stability supports. I will finish them next week after using them to get the plaster work onto the bottom of each element. Lining them with wet-strength tissue & PVA maché should give them final strength and make them look better.

The printing is complete. I amended the screen; this time, not using newsprint but just taping masking tape to block off the line outlines I wanted. A much better option, as it allows me to see through the screen while printing – much better for placing the marks than with the newsprint version.

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