Monday 10th June: A few days to let ‘the end’ sink in. Cleaning around the studio and doing photography, tweeking SB and presenting ‘drawer work’ being a nice wind-down as it was, I did worry whether there would be a sense of anti-climax in these few days (now a few more than originally planned) before our final show opens.

A break in the horrid weather we’re getting this June, prompted garden blitzing at the weekend – always a good distraction – and not just from any sense of anti-climax but also the nightmare amount of housework to be done. “Artist’s studio?…” I can hear Chris saying “…. SPEWdio more-like!’ And he’s right to be complaining yet again ….. oops – my bad. It is such an overwhelming mess actually I think I need to go and sit in ‘Shinrin’ to recover from the horror of it ? . ‘Stunning! But can I have my wife back now please?’ he posted on the Shinrin fb page bless him.

Rain again and it’s time to begin house-work.

Washing in. Living room tidy. Now here to start sorting my memory sticks out and look at the last photos I took. Here is FMP sketch book. It feels rather nostalgic looking through.

Tuesday 11th June: More washing. More rain! Started putting art things away. Rather nice to look at and handle everything and reflect upon the whole Foundation journey.

It started by making a box.

Finishing in a rather similar way.

Not much change then? But, what a lot has changed….. from this

Colour and complexity

To this….

Simplicity – white on white.

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