“Notice The Things You Notice…” Madeira and Back.

Musing on that famous phrase, often repeated by my former tutor – ‘Notice the things you notice’.

The things that catch my eye do seem to have a certain familiarity. Trees against the sky reminiscent of #Barcelona; #Concrete juxtaposed with the natural environment a regular attraction; Pattern in the built environment another regular theme. I’m not a ‘happy-snapper-souvenirs’ sort of observer I don’t think – those memories are social rather than visual and I think I preserve them in a different way than making visual records of them. Looking at what I selected to include here, I am reminded of the first time I met PT (before I first ever heard him say ‘Notice what you notice’) and we talked about some photographs in my portfolio. ‘These have a particular style’ he said

‘what do you think it is?’ I asked.

‘It’s the compositional approach -the subject just fills the whole visual field.’ He said.

‘Sort of not composition’?’ I replied…….it seems things haven’t changed much.

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