I do enjoy digging in the ground, it appeals to my methodical side and also allows for time for all sorts of reveries. One of the appealing things about digging at this time of year is how quickly the birds get involved. Not good pix, but birds are already taming to the spade – splendid ‘entanglements’.

While the purpose here is obviously bringing a new bit of land into production I’ve also been deep digging to extract some clay to play with. This, and the sorting out of the boulders in the ground and the masses of bits of broken pot and old bottles etc seems to resonate with the recent readings we’ve been doing for the seminar programme – Hodder and Heidegger etc. and as Mr Ingold may say, it really feels as if the ‘earth is earthing’ while I amass my own little ‘standing reserve’ – digging naturally being punctuated by trips to rake out the charcoal pit where the collection of winter deadwood is being ‘enframed’. How satisfying it feels to have the physical and philosophical in tandem like this!

A day that kept on giving though, as if the above was not delightful enough….. this evening while doing a bit more ‘materiality’ oriented art research, I came upon this – WOW!