Sketchbook Underway. Animation making.

Vocabulary and definitions on the word ‘mind’.
Finding quotations about ‘mind’.

I rather like the imagery in the Walpole quotation I found ‘ When people will not weed their own minds, they’re apt to be overrun with nettles’. It has triggered ideas for the image manipulation part of this weeks response and I am imagining a little animation of a head (mind) becoming overrun with nettles. ‘Little’ I say but these things are always hugely time consuming. I made a start in college and was delighted to find a glitch free transfer to continuing with the animation here at home in spite of my different version of CS.

I put together a few primary research pages and scribbled out a few new ideas that have arisen….. almost too many.

Letting my mind run away with ideas
A record of the animation process.


Just a few seconds…. three days of work!

We had a group crit. session today. The animation got a giggle so I am pleased. It is only intended to be a light little thing but it has served well to re-acquaint myself with animation as I had not done any since finishing our wooden anniversary ‘animated scrap book’ in 2013.