Walking Around 2: Wandering Into The Print Workshop.

Well, NO! It was more like racing in at high speed shouting ‘Let me etch!’ This was because, the day before, I had watched this……..

…and while watching it, I found myself scribbling furiously, drawing quite spontaneously, and making little illustrations of the things Chi was talking about. In no time, I had several sketchbook pages, drawing, making notes, thinking back to the CHWA, conference and remembering the projects about blood and breath that had been presented there……….. Yeah! A sort of idea was germinating which resulted in this.

And by Appraisal time just before Christmas…… these

relating to thoughts about these things….

‘Scrap That’.

From a collection of briefs; for my project, I have decided to select the ‘Scrap That’ brief. It directs us to doing research about Scrap-booking and Artists’ Books while working towards producing a book documenting ‘an important event in your life (real or imaginary)’. While the project is developing across the 6 week ‘exploratory phase’ of the Foundation Course, we will engage in a series of workshops – this experience should be reflected in the investigations, experiments and outcomes of the project.