Pathway Project Week. 30th Oct.-2nd Nov. 2018

All change! The studio is transformed, we have pathway zones now for Fine Art, Viz Com., Fashion, 3D etc. and have each chosen our personal studio spaces – a desk with a board. Our Fine Art induction has been exciting; a quick fire range of collaborative activities based on the elements of chance and random outcomes.

One: a) Random selections define a subject, methodology and medium to produce individual responses.

Alternatively, another person gets ….

‘Trees’, ‘Tiny’, ‘Thread’.

b) Unite the individual responses in a collaborative piece and find a way to connect everything.

Collaborative Combinations

Linking it all up.

Two: Some contextual studies input about ‘chance’ in Art. Interesting material to read about Bruce Mau’s , ‘An Incomplete Manifesto For Growth’, and Brian Eno’s ‘Oblique Strategies’.

Three: Chance Based Narrative. Lucky dip for your narrative character, lucky dip again… discovery where you are or what state you are in. Another dip, get a post card. Finally, dip again to discover who your postcard is to be addressed to. What message will you write to them? Now hook all your ‘clues’ together and make art around the narrative you construct. What fun!

Making narrative artefacts
Finding ‘LOST’ treasure.