Exciting times. What a relief it is to have got past all the account registration and logging-in tedium associated with setting up an academic account -phew! The rewards are good though; like being able (finally) to access the library online and reveal the delights of ‘reading lists’ for the forthcoming modules. Yes, this is exciting. It is also tinged with a bit of frustration; finding that I can only read one thing at a time. I am hungry and want to devour everything all at once. It is tinged with a bit of frustration also, because I want to get ‘making’. This last, is interrupted by the ‘studio project’ which I am trying to discipline myself to get finished before I start to ‘spewdio’ again.

Between the studio (actually, I much prefer ‘art-room’) project and directed reading, I have been enjoying dipping into some of the Art magazine article notifications that shine out from among all the horrible spam in my email box. A delight to find this….

… and indulge in a little nostalgia about teaching art and in particular, the enthusiastic response pupils had to the topic we did about Razzle and Op Art -thoughts about which, now accrue around issues of perception/philosophy etc arising from the MA reading…..