Preparing for Barcelona

Maps, more maps, tickets and a restaurant reservation.

My plans for the Barcelona trip centre around visiting parks and gardens, in addition to CCCB, MNAC, The Miro Foundation and whatever independent galleries may catch my eye. There is going to be a lot of walking! My reading about gardens should inform my observations while in Barcelona, in addition to some works of art that I have looked at for research.

Martin Boyce (TP 2011) who is interested in the psychological experience of space. This image interested me as a representation of ‘parks’ in the urban context. It will make me look out for key features, repeated ‘motifs’ if you like. BINS. SEATING. PLANTING. STRUCTURES. …….. what will I find that is common in the parks and gardens? What will make each one distinct?

It is interesting how the ‘trees’ connect to the ground and sort of have ‘roots’ in the earth in the way the light reflects in the floor. Pools of light may be something to consider to imply root systems and hartig net/ soil biome in my work.

from ‘Our Love is Like the Flowers, the Rain, the Sea and the Hours’ 2002 Martin Boyce born 1967 Purchased 2006
Jan & Joel Markel 1925. This image influenced Boyce. Apparently the concrete trees were cast at the last minute in order to replace real ones that died when the garden was planted-up for an exhibition in Paris. I think they are rather strange but perhaps visually interesting and they remind me that KT suggested working with concrete in FMP experiments. I shall keep this in mind.

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  1. I’m noticing here, looking back, how tiny my reference to the CONCRETE issue is …. hidden away in the caption under the Markel trees! Ironic really given how the project eventually developed around so much concrete after it began with me really resisting the idea. I feel quite a sense of achievement!

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