Experiments 7th – 10th May

Taking a different approach to making the water bowl. Lining out a basket to give the base shape. The polystyrene former will be the support when it is turned over to let the cement level within the mould.

Last image: turned out, semi-dry, surface scored and now building up layers. Considering ways of adding texture/pattern to final layer in next week’s refinement of this element. Could stencil in loose cement or engrave into the surface.

Collaging with printed scraps taken off the turpentined collagraph boards in the cleaning process; frottage of pavement patterns and collagraphs embedded in the concrete blocks, plus photocopied brutalist building pictures. Newsprint, collaging materials & vegetable oil. Beautiful translucent layered effects to photograph. It might be interesting to develop these in digital manipulation.

Attempt to support pieces with resin. Successful small scale and pieces made have been to begin to explore layout of a final piece within a rough maquette of the corner of the studio most recently identified as an exhibition space. The epoxy looks beautiful – making the suggested tree branches look like there has been rain. Gorgeous but on reflection not perhaps quite the language I want for the piece…… would make a lovely something related but kind of different thing. Also, resin horribly expensive and devising a methodical process to apply it to the larger pieces proposed would possibly take more time than I have available before the final build.

Mark making with plaster – trying different techniques that might help to add a crisper edge to the plaster bandage support structure in the piece, or be used on the hanging elements to create a more unified & economical aesthetic. Pink plaster used for experiments here only. Not intended for final results.

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