‘Bridge The Gap’: FMP exhibition.

Wow! Humbled, and a bit overwhelmed to have ‘opened the show’ – so to speak.

I think the show is beautifully presented and does credit to the effort that people have put into the work. Viewing it all, as objectively as you can when you’re so wrapped up with the people whose work is there, I can say that I love Elliott’s design piece about different ways of seeing …. I couldn’t resist having a play!

I think Alice’s ‘Body Shock’ is amazingly powerful

When I brought guests… these were their favourites

My husband’s top 5 include these in particular.

I think this range is awesome…

My favourite piece is Sophie’s – it closed the show ….. ironic!

And huge praise to Hannah for the beguiling soundtrack to the whole affair.

Speaking of ironic….. amusing to observe this in our ‘local’.

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