Experiments 29th April – 3rd May

Experimenting with ‘forming’ fabric – applying plaster bandage strips to 2 types of possible fabric – crop protection fleece and florist’s spiders web. The aim is to shape and strengthen it and make it stand freely following upon last week’s success with small scale experiment – scaling up to 60 x 90cm. This is to explore the idea of ‘gates’ into the Shinrin Yoku garden leading the ‘viewer’ into the participatory space. I have cut polystyrene to make the formers. Finally, begin to cut a mould for a concrete water feature element.

Experiments 23rd-26th April

  1. Photographs of collagraph boards inked up for printing. Black mixed with yellow through to addition of red. Print run included printing onto card, newsprint and over printing onto sheets that were pre-printed with blow-up image detail taken from photocopied images of brutalist architecture. This latter experiment, speaking to ideas about trees in the urban environment and harking back to group crit. remarks about this in initial evaluation of ‘The Kimonos’……. in addition, a ‘concrete’ reference that leads on towards working with the stuff itself.

2. At end of print run – scrap prints taken off the boards – paint loosened with turps ready for cleaning. Boards cleaned and used to make impressions in clay.

3. Printing onto fleece fabric. No white ink unfortunately!

4. as above, exploring light shining through the printed fabric.

5. No white intaglio ink anywhere so experiment with screen printing onto fabric with acrylic.

6. Above and below. Cleaned collagraph boards combined with concrete to make ’tiles’ that suggest dappled leafy shadows on the ground and develop the brutalist concrete overprinting ideas in a 3D format.

7. Pursuing ideas for Shinrin Yoku installation elements – experimenting with ways of re-enforcing fabric so that it can self- support/ hold pre-determined shape. Attempts made with PVA and plaster bandage.

Barcelona Book #1

Busy, busy, busy, since return from Barcelona. Straight into St. Patrick’s gig. Then, didn’t even un-pack before heading off to CHWA conference! The next week, preparing for x-group crits., a trip to Preston University (beginning to check out possible future routes) AND Hubby being taken into hospital. All a bit much really!!!Eventually, now managing to assimilate Barcelona and get on with ‘a book’.